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In today’s global market, corporate identity and branding are more than just a nice graphic. Cultivating brand identity now encompasses the use of multiple platforms across print and digital mediums. Redgrass Studios is an experienced brand builder and communicator. Our 30 years of branding experience enables us to create unique and identifiable brands that capture the imagination and speak to key audiences.

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“Our world is still print based.” There, we’ve said it, but what do we mean? Modern branding and marketing still have elements of printing involved. From business cards to elaborate advertising pieces, your company and brand are judged and assessed through the quality of this material as well as your digital. Redgrass Studios started as a graphic design studio specializing in print; we have spent 30 years getting very creative in this medium.

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Presenting a uniform advertising message was much easier in the past. Your choices were print or broadcast media. The advent of cable and the digital era has served to complicate the process of delivering your message to the right people. Redgrass Studios has the experience to simplify the complexity and create visually stunning messages designed to accomplish your marketing goals.

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The digital age is here. Redgrass Studios embraced this medium in 1992 with the launch of our first client web site. We have been working in digital ever since. Web sites require more than code generators and programmers — they require a user-friendly interface and functionality to be more than a static information source. This is what we do. We create user experiences based on marketing goals and brand requirements, keeping a consistent message across the digital spectrum.

On a more social note, we can help you connect with your brand culture through social media and email. Whether you want to be liked, pinned, #tagged or tubed, we have you covered.

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