Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation

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The Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation in Bethesda, Maryland called our offices on referral from a mutual associate. They were in crisis mode. Their in-house designer was seriously injured — could we fill in until they found out what was going to be the long-term prognosis? Redgrass Studios stepped-up to the plate taking over all the duties of their in-house designer. What started out as a six-month contract has lasted over seven years. Many projects have been done over the seven years, but their newsletter The Moisture Seekers has become a great source of pride for both the SSF Board and Redgrass Studios for it design, content and readability. The branding of SSF has unified under Redgrass Studios through such projects as Team Sjögren’s, Sip for Sjögren’s, Sjögren’s Walkabout and many more programs, events, and flyers. Sometimes helping others, we help ourselves.

Learning to Thrive with Sjögrens
Bold Blue Day
50% in 5 Years
Little Voices
Sip for Sjögren's
Team Sjögren's
Sjögren's Quarterly
Sjögren's Quarterly
The Moisture Seekers
The Moisture Seekers

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